Black Cat Bone Cigar Box Guitar.

"Hi gang, Not exactly sure if what I have is right for your page but I thought I would send it in just in case? I have a small company called Black Cat Bone Guitars, based in Brisbane Australia, and I’ve attached some pics of my latest build. I started building CBG’s in 2013 and have found very quickly that it was very addictive. I loved doing it so much I decided to quit my day job and focus on making instruments that bring people joy. While I do plan on expanding, into making full bodied Electric Guitars someday soon, at this stage I consider myself a "Luthier in training" and I’m just enjoying the process of learning everything I can as I go. I hope you can perhaps find the space to consider a CBG for your site and I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to stop by blackcatboneguitars any time and say hello.” - This is soooo awesome. Check out this Youtube video, they have an unexpectedly lovely tone.

Beautiful! Love it.